5 Female Celebrities Who Are Over Thirty Years Old

Famous women who look younger

By  | Apr 05, 2022, 07:34 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu 

Samantha Mogwe new age revealed
With age comes wisdom. However, Women have been known to lie about their age. It gets worse when one is a public figure. Many are known to celebrate same year birthdays for more than three years. Why does no one want to be associated with old age? Is it because of the white hair? Women purchase beauty products worth dimes to scare away old age.  From wigs to antiaging creams, some go an extra mile to pay for plastic surgery that costs an arm and leg.

Famous women have found a way to hide their age, here is a list of five female celebrities that don’t look their age.

1.       Zodwa Wabantu 
The 36-year-old dance moves are for a 16-year-old. She knows how to move her physique; she does not fail to move her body when a beat presents itself. Wabantu trends for all sorts of reasons. Last year, she surprised the internet after proposing to her younger lover Ricardo, she revealed that she had bought herself the ring and advised women to do the same. She said that young men were energetic and ambitious, which was why she loved them. They later broke up before they could exchange vows. Zodwa said that she felt she had to free her ben 10 as he still needed to grow, in a hurtful post the mother of one disclosed she was unhappy.

2.      Kelly Khumalo
The proud mother of two is 37 years of age. Even after dropping out of school at age 10, Kelly beat all the odds and emerged as a top singer and actress. She was one of the best actresses of the Mzansi big brothers. Even though she is not lucky in love, she has proven to be the best mom to her kids Christian who he had with abusive lover Jub Jub, and Thingo who was fathered by the late Senzo Mayiwa. She recently held a grand bash for her daughter's eighth birthday.

3.      Berry heart
The goddess of positive vibes is turning 33. She has been blaming her dietician for putting her on a strict diet that prohibited her from drinking wine. In an Instagram post, She revealed that she is determined to lose 20kgs of her weight and was willing to do anything to shed it off. Her fans encouraged her to carry one, β€˜will drink on your behalf darls,” one fan teased her. Could this be her secret to looking young?

4.      Samantha Mogwe
Who can tell that the beauty is 33 years old? She looks sweet sixteen, doesn’t she? Well, the fitness enthusiast has worked well on her frame. The singer is kind and appreciates talents. She took time to celeb miss Botswana Palesa Molefe who was contesting for the miss world title in Puerto Rico. She is making big strides in the music industry through her various performances and live concerts.

5.      Mpho Sebina 
Singer Mpho Sebina is turning 32years old. She studied in Malaysia and is among the top Amapiano names in Botswana. She was the only Botswana singer recognized at the Amapiano South Africa awards. Her fashion sense cannot go unnoticed.




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