Drink Up For Mzansi's Virtual Happy Hour

We've got your invite to a Gin Party on Friday!

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM 

You thirsty?

We're living in some crazy times, so we thought we'd gatecrash this Mzansi  Virtual Happy Hour.

ZAlebs brings you an epic first-ever Virtual Happy Hour on Friday at 6pm together with Greenall's Gin. We are making sure you are well equipped at home, staying safe and of course sipping on some amazing gin. We're sure you can't wait to say: 

"bring on the weekend!" 

As Mzansi locks down, let's unite at Happy Hour. Why not join the fun?

Be your own DJ, Bouncer, MC and Barkeep,  as we'll be hanging out with new and cool people- virtually... so c'mon, join the party.

We are going to be on ALL our Social Channels as will Greenall's Gin - so make sure you follow along, join the party and sip away with us.

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main image photo credit: Greenall's Gin