YaronaFM & DSTV Make It Official

Yarona FM is officially part of the DSTV Family

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM 

Yarona FM are making major moves this 2020 by finally becoming part of the DSTV Audio Bouquet.

Some may say that its long overdue that relationship be taken to the next level but some things take time-and it seems like the time is now.

Yarona FM took to their socials to announce the news and the Yarona fan base could not be more hype.

For those who are still in vacation mode, Yarona FM is a Botswana FM radio station based in Gaborone with a core broadcast audience of youth with a spill out to folks in their mid thirties. The network plays a relatively free form mix of urban music, including rock, pop, alternative hip hop, motswako and electronic music.

Yes, these guys are legends in the game as they have been around for a solid 20 years. They have identified themselves with the "freshest" and newest songs, targeted towards Botswana's urban youth audience. Yarona FM has always been that positive, upwardly mobile forward thinking brand that encapsulates the aspirations, style, language, lives and future of the youth of Botswana and so a congratulations is definitely in order.

We're not the only ones fangirling at this momentous occasion. Here's some our favourite reactions to the news:

The love, excitement and energy amongt the people is palpable. All our birthday wishes and prayers have been answered, the stars have aligned and we're tuning in to Yarona FM everywhere in #20PLENTY.