your favourite radio hosts talk about their first love - radio.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM 

Happy World Radio Day everyone.

For most of us, we didn't even know that this day even exists. International Radio Day is about celebrating the main convention that gets all musicians a chance to sell their music to the masses.

Yes kids, this was before Spotify and iTunes.

Even though the shift to distribute music has gone more independent and listened via streaming and downloads, radio still has a huge part in the music industry.

Many artists have been vocal in saying that the radio is the place where the record labels and radio execs decide if an artists music is worth being distributed to the masses. Inevitably, those in charge decide which songs get top spot on the charts, meaning some artists will be granted at having a higher success rate, more popularity, more money, more fame, more endorsements -than the artists who's never makes it out of the dark room.

But the politics of the music industry is not what we're on about today. We're actually talking about the women and men behind the mic - the radio jockeys.

These are the people who keep you entertained on the way to and from work and school. The folks who give you something to listen to on a Sunday afternoon. The people who put you on to your favourite artist and favourite song right now.

Today,  is their day today (mostly) and we've got some of your favourite radio voices reminiscing about their first love - the radio.
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Happy World Radio day and let the music continue to connect you.

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