William Last KRM Gushes Over His Daughter

He is super blessed

By  | Feb 26, 2021, 02:52 PM 

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William Last KRM is one of the country's most loved comedians. The comedian who dabbles as a musician is also a hands-on dad who who is blessed with a sweeet daughter Amara William, and he loves her wholeheartedly.

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William is one of the fathers who are challenging the stereotypical notion of black fathers being absent by being involved in his daughter's life and he does not shy away from showcasing his love to his daughter on social media.

In a post recently, William took to his Instagram account to celebrate his daughter by telling her that he has her back no matter what, "I got you nana... No matter what!!! @amara_willian."

The post melted the hearts of his fans who salute his superb parenting skills.

William recently also shared a video of them playing in an outside play area and he captioned the Tik Tok video thanking God and said he is super blessed.

The musician has been giving us glimpses of his parenting journey, and thus far, it has been nothing short of amazing. William recently released his long-awaited debut album. The album is conveniently named after his precious daughter, Amara.

"My album, and my whole life is dedicated to you, my baby girl!!! Your dad is trying...I LOVE YOU FOREVER," wrote William. The multi-talented musician has been promoting the album on social media and he is excited about it.
Amara recently turned one year old and William took to social media to pen a sweet happy birthday message to him. He said ever since he welcomed her into the world his life has changed forever as he has become more mature and he is working hard for her.

"On 26 November 2019, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl @amara_willian . Ever since she came to this earth my life has changed, I've grown into a mature human being, the work I put in these days is ×10 coz of her. I would love to thank GOD for letting me be your father as crazy and weird as I am. Happy birthday my little princess, may you grow and grow and if GOD doesn't mind may you follow your Father's footsteps," he wrote.

He recently shared a throwback picture of him on social media and it left social media users in stitches.

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