Has Khanyi Mbau Really Deleted Her Bae?

Kudzai's disappearance from her social media overnight, is confusing people

By  | Feb 12, 2021, 10:38 AM 

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While several publications are reporting that Khanyi Mbau has suddenly deleted several pictures of herself with her new Zimbabwean boyfriend on her social media, she seems to have a new one up.

This, after the sudden reported turn of events about Kudzai disappearing from her social media overnight, is confusing people.

The two were friends for a couple of months and then began dating on a casual basis. It wasn’t long after the TV actress began posting pictures of them together that it became obvious that he was the new man in her life. 
Fans surprised?

Fans and Netizens all over must have been surprised at this sudden turn of events. It wasn’t long ago that the couple looked like they were going to make their relationship official and things seemed quite rosy. The star posted a series of photos on her Instagram where she took us on a night out with her man and even went on a Porsche double date. A recent post shows that the two could barely keep their hands off each other.

This beau’s past is shrouded in mystery
It wasn’t long ago that fans suspected that Kudzai Terrence Mushonga could have been the former Ndege Boy. There were reports of the disappearance of a young Zimbabwean billionaire from social media. At the time Kudzai was considered one of the country’s most eligible bachelors being the youngest airline owner back in 2016. The fact that Khanyi was privy to a private jet during the lockdown did raise some eyebrows and it looks like the pieces of this puzzle are slowly coming together.

Could this be the reason?
Kudzai Terrence Mushonga was deleted by the star soon after reports circulated that the man was on the run from Zimbabwean authorities. It’s been alleged that the beau was operating an illegitimate airline and defrauded a millionaire to the sum of R2.4 million. The 28-year-old hustler is said to have been dodging the police for over years now. Fans are still yet to find out why exactly the socialite deleted his pictures and where she stands in this whole fugitive fiasco.

Just when she was moving on
We can only imagine what’s going on in Khanyi’s head at this moment. The star was just on the verge of moving on from a decade-long relationship with Tebogo Lerole which ended in a highly publicized and messy way back in mid-2020. Come November, The star said she was ready to move on and put herself back out there on the dating scene. Let’s just hope the star can finally move on from all this mess.

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