Zodwa Wabantu's Wedding Jitters

Zodwa Wabantu's Wedding Jitters

Jun 20, 2019, 11:00 AM

A lot is happening and Zodwa Wabantu is turning out to be a bridezilla when it comes to her wedding to fiance Ntobeko Linda.

If you don't already know, let us catch you up to speed.

Zodwa did the unimaginable thing to her boyfriend, Ntobeko. Most saw this as her flippling "tradition" on its head and thought she was bringing bad luck upon herself. Things then got twisted a bit when Zodwa pronounced the wedding to be cancelled.
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Sheesh! But as Zodwa would say, "Relaxa" because the wedding according to the bride was never off. Just on hold until further notice.

So, can we really 'relaxa' now?

Absolutely not. This is Zodwa Wabantu-she's always going to keep us on our toes. The plot continues to thicken because The reality TV star has once again changed her mind about her wedding.

First she cancelled it, changed her mind, put it on hold and now it's back on again.

Whether it's pre-wedding jitters, cold feet or just a confused heart and mind, Zodwa Wabantu seems to be in a difficult place. She's been up-and-down with the arrangement of her wedding - it's been on, cancelled, on hold and on again in such a short time. Her fans cannot keep up and might be growing a little irritable but Zodwa believes it's a big step and won't go through with it just because she's pressured to.

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