William Last KRM wants Mpho Sebina

William Last KRM wants Mpho Sebina

Oct 13, 2018, 10:22 AM

William Last KRM has to be the first comedian I’ve come across who’s genuinely funny, without throwing anyone under the bus. “I usually get my material from real life happenings and turn them into jokes – but nothing personal” he shares during an interview with The Voice. 
Botswana has a very specific brand of comedy where generally, low hanging fruit is in abundance, but his manages to be funny without being hurtful. Perhaps that has been the key to his catapult to fame.

Born Bofelo William Molebatsi, the comedian’s fan base has grown exponentially in just under a year - Last year September one article stated that he had just under 5000 Facebook fans while earlier this month, another declared him sitting at a cool 60,000 followers.  He’s currently on 99,000.

“I didn’t do well at school, I didn’t have a job and everyone at home was going to work. One day, I was bored and decided to take my friend’s camera, shot a video and uploaded it on Facebook”. William writes his own scripts, as well producing and directing them while his good friend Boduo Phale edits them. 

“I feel like I have brought a new style of acting and comedy here in Botswana, but there are more funny people out there who can do the same.  If they are willing, I can teach them how to use their talents.  Anyone who is willing to work with me can freely approach me,” he said while talking to Mmegi. It’s hard to believe that this young man only started his comedic journey last year May.

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“Martin Lawrence’s films inspired me to do most of my videos.  He is the kind of character that would bring you laughter no matter what kind of day you might have. My dream is to write a script and direct the type of movies African Americans always do. This would upgrade our local entertainment industry and promote comedy,” he said. Another inspiration he cited on his comedic journey was Joel “Ntsoro” Ketumile, probably the most notable comedian to ever do it thus far in Botswana. Joel managed to leverage his popularity to cross boundaries and work in TV, produce his own movies as well as venture into music, something Last is working on himself. Aside from being a comedian he’s a rapper - A motswako artist to be exact.

His latest viral content has been a parody of Childish Gambino’s This is America aptly titled This is Botswana, that gained over 125, 000 views in a mere 4 days on Facebook.

In a bid to strike while the iron is hot William has taken his newfound fame and ran with it, recently venturing into music and releasing what is essentially a trap love song directed at/about Mpho Sebina.

Basically he wants to be her Superman, stares at her pictures all day and wants to make a song with her. That's the crux of it. As yet Mpho hasn't responded to the track but who knows, maybe one of these good days she'll take him up on his chicken wings offer.

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