What's Nasty C Insecure About?

What's Nasty C Insecure About?

Feb 25, 2019, 03:10 PM

Usually rapper's are known to be some of the most self-confidant artists in the world, but sometimes they too have their days when they're just insecure about everything.

A rapper we did not consider to be insecure, only because he's so good at what he does, is rapper - Nasty C.

The 21-year-old artist who is probably one of the biggest rapper's in Africa had a lot of his supporters nervous over the weekend when he announced that he was about to reveal his biggest secret to date.

The award winning rapper tweeted that he was about to share something very big with his fans and that he hopes that with him sharing this secret, it would help other people to also accept themselves as they are.


He first started the conversation by tweeting:

"So there’s something I’ve been meaning to share with my fans This is a big moment & step for me & it took a lot of courage for me to shoot & share this with you. I hope that it helps anybody that relates -to find this kind of self-love & self-acceptance."

The tweet came with a YouTube link to his be reveal.

In the video, Nasty C revealed that he has become so used to hiding his secret that even his girlfriend has only seen the secret once.

So what is the secret?

Well, in the video Nasty C came to reveal that he has one big toe which is essentially a birth defect where his toes did not split.

Nasty C believes that by sharing his insecurities about his toe, this will hopefully also have his fans feeling a bit more confidant about their own imperfect bodies and have the confidence to also share their own insecurities without feeling ashamed.

Salute to Nasty C for taking such a big step in revealing his secret. He has a lot of young fans who are still working at their self-confidence and self-acceptance so having their idol showing them that he too isn't perfect makes the world a bit of a better place to live in.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Nasty_CSA

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Zee Dladla - Test

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