Meet Fifi Afrika

Meet Fifi Afrika

Feb 26, 2019, 12:50 PM

Fifi Afrika real name Kefilwe Princess Radovic is one of Botswana's most prized singers a true definition of a successful African woman.

Fifi has enjoyed ten years in the music industry but has never released an album just hot singles.

One of her most loved songs is her 2017 hit track titled "Wena."

Fifi has not only had the pleasure of performing in Botswana but she has also performed in neighboring countries for larger audiences.

She also made her first appearance on national television when she featured on a song with Dj Skii which was called “Why Do You Come Here?” which catapulted her to fame.

 She later took a break in the music industry then came back again in 2017.

The songress who was nominated more than three times for the Botswana Musicians Union Awards (BOMU) and Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAS ) is one of the most talked about female celebrities in Botswana.

Fifi Afrika is also known as  “Princess “ which is her stage name. She opened up that she is married to a man of a different race and they have been married for 11 years.

She said that she is happily married and her husband patiently chased after her and that made her give him a chance.

“The best date I have ever had never actually happened when I met my husband close to 11 years ago now, and I really wasn’t trying to start anything new then, partly on account of him being Umlungu (White person) but he asked me out to dinner.

 I stupidly accepted his invitation then went on to try to cancel last minute switching off my phone and pretending I was in Lobatse. He was relentless and again I’d been stupid and given him the approximate location of my house. I gave in after watching his car drive up and down my street for at least an hour then went outside to meet him.

He’d bought and dozen tangerine-hued roses and CDs of all the albums. Bey had put out till then (coz I love her and everyone knows this)and apparently we’d missed out on his reservation at Primi Piatti. Worst date, none I can think of,”
she explained.

Fifi Afrika speaks several Languages which include,  Serbian, Setswana,  French, Spanish and English.

Fifi revealed that she does not see herself as a celebrity but considers herself a source of happiness to people who like her music.

Apart from music, the “Wena” hitmaker loves baking and she makes the clothes that she wears at times.

Fifi Afrika keeps on inspiring young people in Botswana and beyond through her music.

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Written by

Kuda Ruwende

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