Vee Mampeezy's Darlie Is All About Love

Vee Mampeezy's Darlie Is All About Love

Sep 06, 2019, 09:08 AM

The muso left fans waiting in anticipation for the release of a single he promised  would top his latest single 'I Love You'. Just 3 hours later Vee Mampeezy delivered on his promise and his fans are thoroughly satisfied with the single 'Darlie'.

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He captioned it:
"If you have ever been in love ,or you are in love ,or you want to be in love ,or you just want to enjoy life this is your song download for free." 

Darlie is a single produced by Dr Tawanda and is available to download for free on the link he provided.

Here are some of the reactions:

Mpho Brian: at least now you're realizing Dr Tawanda is suitable to be your producer. Stick to him sir. Otherwise big up Mr Vee you're an inspiration

MumJade Keothaile: Heelang! Am on my way to church and I just downloaded this song.😂I don't think am gonna sing at church ke tla bo ke gopotse darli hela 😂

Gugu Kgotso: YERRRRRR🔥ne kere "i love you" ke hit,this is something else❤Ke emetse performance ko Gimc.

Mpho Tefo Simon: Dr Tawanda is a great producer. His combination with VEE is always fire🔥🔥 its a great hit. Shout Out Vee Mampeezy keep doing good music

Fans are officially calling Vee Mampeezy a music making machine for his consistency and always being in the spotlight.

He recently was a speaker at the The inaugural SEAfricaBW conference, with fellow entertainers in the industry.

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