#TswalebsSpotlight: Takunda Muusha

#TswalebsSpotlight: Takunda Muusha

Oct 12, 2018, 11:05 AM

The entertainment industry spotlight functions with the attention span of a two year old hyperactive child - It’s almost always focused on the flashiest and the coolest and the music industry is no different.

Artists are the celebrities and oftentimes the people who make the bops and give them that certain  je ne sais quoi (Producers/songwriters/backing vocalists) go mostly under the radar and collect the check. One such individual you may not have heard about is 23 year old Takunda Muusha.
Image Credit: @officialTakunda

  • Takunda is of Zimbabwean descent but grew up in Botswana and currently spends his days between Botswana and South Africa

  • He’s the guy who produced Nadia Nakai’s smash hit Naa Mean and says the beat was originally made in 2015.

  • How did that collaboration come about? Instagram. Yep. Takunda reached out to Nadia’s manager via the app and sent through some beats for consideration. The rest is pop culture history.

  • Nadia isn’t his first big name on the roster. Before Naa Mean he worked with Ricky Rick on his platinum selling debut album Family Values, producing Makaveli.

  • Takunda’s currently working on his craft as a solo artist and dropped his debut single Searching For You, early this year. 

  • He’s a Yarona FM Music Award nominee for Producer of the Year.

  • He plans to drop a full length project in 2019 and promises more big name collaborations and releases for the rest of this year. 
Image Credit: Instagram/@officialTakunda

His mission is pretty simple - to change the landscape and sound of music worldwide and one day win a Grammy. And you know what? That’s not really all that far fetched. Africa’s currently churning out phenomenal creatives at an unbelievable rate and every new comer seems to have more drive than the last. There’s absolutely no reason to doubt that, with music’s current trajectory, it can be done. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@officialTakunda
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Bakang Akoonyatse

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