Bottoms Up For Mama O

Bottoms Up For Mama O

Apr 11, 2019, 04:13 PM

What does one get a woman who probably has everything?

Quite a difficult question to ask right?

Well, not for Daily Show host - Trevor Noah.

Trevor this week had the pleasure of interviewing Oprah Winfrey on The Daily Show, but before they kicked off the thought-provoking and insightful interview, Trevor thought it be best to present Mama O with a welcoming gift.

Now we thought Trevor was probably going to present Oprah with either a basket of fruits or a book as she loves reading, but nope! Trevor brought out a unique bottle of Tequila

Judging from the video below it's fair to say that Oprah and her bestie, Gayle King, were thoroughly impressed:

Oprah couldn't wait to see Trevor, that she even visited him whilst he was getting his makeup ready.

If you want to read more of what Trevor and Oprah chatted about, read more here.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@TrevorNoah

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Zee Dladla - Test

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