"To stay on top is not easy"- Stoan

"To stay on top is not easy"- Stoan

Nov 13, 2018, 04:55 PM

For as long as some of us have been alive Bongo Maffin has been a defining part of our listening experience as music consumers. The group merged personalities and sounds that culminated in every song catering for all one could possibly want in an African sound. Thandiswa brought the melodies, Speedy that Hip Hop swag, Stoan the poetry/Motswako and Jah Seed the reggae.  It was music that moved you at your core and their impact and beauty cannot be overstated.

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Over the years the group has branched out into different lanes but they still remain very close. So close, in fact, every once in a while they come together and give us audible blessings.  Their latest reunion has been for their next album Harare, and recently they've been on a press run to push the lead single and prep us for the album, which drops in early 2019, as well as to give us the opportunity to catch up with them.

The group recently did a delightfully candid interview with Trans Africa Radio just before their Mascom Live Sessions show, and here are some takeaway points and quotables from that. 

On how they've maintained their closeness over the years

"You don't need to choose family" - Stoan. That's an especially chuckle worthy quote because him and Thandiswa have a a daughter together, but we get what he meant. 

On their creative process

"Sometimes it's really spontaneous, sometimes it's hard work. Sometimes it's just trying to find the right synergy" - Thandiswa

On the making of Harare

Jah Seed said they'd already been in talks to create Bongo Harare when Speedy contacted him and asked him how to say "I want to go to Harare". Speedy didn't get it quite right the first time around so Jah Seed got in studio, recorded it, sent it back to him and they loved it so much they decided to keep it. 

On Longevity

"To stay on top is not easy. You have to create a brand, a strong brand... So that even if the product changes people will still come back to you because they know the brand remains the same" - Stoan

"You have to diversify your talents" - Speedy

On creativity, as Africans

"We are the freedom that our parents fought for and part of that freedom is being able to relate... and create the content in the most earnest manner" - Jah Seed

"As an African artist if you're earnest about what you're expressing and reflecting the content in your art will always reflect the depth"- Stoan

"It will always be political because you as a Black person are doing it.  Whatever we do as Africans is political because our lives are political on the daily" - Thandiswa Mazwai

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