Tlatsa Lebala pulls crowd of "about 15"

Tlatsa Lebala pulls crowd of "about 15"

Dec 04, 2018, 06:23 PM

Social media has been abuzz with news of Tlatsa Lebala's lackluster crowd over the weekend. Weeks before the show was set to go down on the 1st of December, a venue hadn't yet been confirmed and Kast was caught up in a war of words with Hon Minister Thapelo Olopeng over his alleged sabotage and lack of support of the event, and perhaps that's what led to the dismal show up that was reported by Mmegi.

According to Mmegi, the show had everything going for it except a decent venue and a crowd. 

"The stage was fantastic, the sound was topnotch, Kast had done his part but Batswana just could not attend his event." 

Mmegi reporters who'd attended the show state that it was at a field in Oodi, and despite Kast having made the best effort to provide a quality experience - Good sound, good security, photographers, a bar and food vendors -  by the end of the night less than 20 people had come through to the event. 

"By 2am in the morning DJ Sly hit the decks and he was probably not used to a small crowd like that. Kast was nowhere around."

As yet Kast has made no official statement about the show, put he's put up a post that alludes to him already looking forward to Tlatsa Lebala 2019.  Batswana took to social media to share their thoughts on the show, but also to express sympathy and support for Kast.

Commenting on a post, revered promoter Zen Hirschfield shared that she felt it was truly shocking that Batswana fail to support their own.  She added that had there been an international act, Batswana would have come out in droves, but she nonetheless would continue to support Kast, as someone who understands how brutal the Industry can be, and that Kast's season of greatness was coming.

Zen's insight

While exploring just why people didn't bother to show up, the reasons varied from poor marketing to not understanding the concept or simply being bored by what started off as a good initiative.

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