Shanti Lo Breaks New Ground

Shanti Lo Breaks New Ground

Apr 19, 2019, 11:00 AM

A few days ago Mosidi Mokaeya wrote in the Sunday Standard about how Shanti Lo is on the phase of breaking new mould. This dismisses the questions about why her name has been quite a buzz lately. She really is making waves on the music scene and her work is more phenomenal than ever.

After scrolling and browsing on social media, one will notice that the musician is being talked about and is all over TV and radio lately. Perhaps it's because of the just released album "Music" which promises to be a big hit in Botswana and maybe even across our boarders. With the level of talent and drive Shanti Lo has, one wouldn't doubt that at all. 

Her upcoming album has had fans eagerly waiting for its launch which is to be held at the Avani Resort this Thursday. The vibe did not only stop with the fans but motivated many to want to know who and what this artist is about!
The album is said to contain different genres and is relatable to any music lover with great music sense. Shanti is said to have touched hearts with this album and many admit to looking forward to the launch and the new music in general.

As she kick starts her new journey in music with this album which is marked as a transition in her long music journey, Shanti has created a vibe and we do not doubt that we will see a new her in the album.

As Shanti marks her excitement, it is definitely going hand in hand with the excitement that the fans are portraying and its almost clear that she will not disappoint! The launch is hitting all roads going as far as Maun, Francistown, Kasane and Palapye.

Somehow this new music has motivated many to get to know Shanti Lo's music and for those who have been her loyal fans from the beginning, they are sure to get a good show at the launch as well as good music in the album.

Lets hope we hear more music from the talented Shanti Lo this year!!

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Tipei Kundai

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