Prince Kaybee Biography: Age, Family, Cars, Networth, Songs, Albums, TV, Controversy

Prince Kaybee Biography: Age, Family, Cars, Networth, Songs, Albums, TV, Controversy

Oct 18, 2019, 04:00 PM

Prince Kaybee is one of our favourite artists who keeps bringing in the greatest hits.  When his hit 'Club Controller' got onto the music scene, it immediately got everybody dancing. The song was well received by the fans and one can hear it being played everywhere, at the club and parties.

His hard work and determination have got him to where he is today. 

Here's a look at Prince Kaybee's bio: 

Prince Kaybee Age and Family

Kabelo Motsamai (Prince Kaybee) is a South African Musician, Disc Jockey and Director. His best known songs are “Friend Zone”, Yonkinto” and “Wajellwa”.
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Prince Kaybee (30) was born on the 15th June, 1989 in Senekal near Welkom, South Africa. He was the youngest child of his father and the only child of his mother. 

He comes from a very large family and has 37 siblings.

In an interview he admitted to not knowing and meeting all his siblings personally and not knowing all of their names due to family politics. 

He continued to disclose that he had only met his siblings at his fathers funeral where they were collectively called up to the stage. They all grew up in different homes. Prince Kaybee grew up alone with his mother. The club controller hitmaker  also has a 19 month old baby, Nana. 

Prince Kaybee Girlfriend

Brown Mbombo has reclaimed her ‘bae’ status in Prince Kabee’s life. The couple seem happy to be back together and closer than ever before, but they insist that they are in no hurry to get married. 

Their adoring fans were guessing for months on whether they had reunited as a couple or not. Rumours about their relationship had been doing their rounds after businesswoman Brown Mbombo let slip, hinting on social media that she, and sought after Kaybee were more than just friends. They instantly received postive feedback with heart-shaped hands and love emojis filling their social media pages.

When Kaybee posted a snap of himself holding hands with Mbombo late last year, he finally confirmed that he and Brown Mbombo were back together.

While they were on a break, Kaybee got another woman pregnant and although they were once on bad terms, Kaybee and the unidentified woman have since made amends and are now in a better space as parents to their child.

Prince Kaybee Cars

Prince Kaybee isn’t ashamed to admit that he loves cars, calling himself a car fanatic. He owns quite a a fancy collection of four wheeled beauties, ranging from a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, an Audi, a VW Golf Vi, a BMW x6 and 2 other Mercedes Benz models.
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In fact he loves cars so much that he came up with an amazing idea to shows his fans appreciation by getting them to sign his car. The star has turned the tables on his adoring fans and instead of giving them his autograph, he has been asking them for theirs.

Kaybee said to TshisaLIVE, “I have always tried to involve my fans in my life and, at the same time, move the support forward. That was when I thought they should sign something. T-shirts and CD’s are overrated. So I put my car on the spot and see how this goes.”

Prince Kaybee also surprised his mother with a new luxury Mercedes Benz. The DJ posted a picture of his Mom receieving the car and the caption read, “Sho Oulady, here’s an early Christmas present to take you to the mall. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there and give you your gift personally but you know I got you! The part where you cry breaks me because not so long ago you were starving yourself so that I can eat.

And to all my fans, you guys made this possible so on behalf of my Mother, THANK YOU… RE TSWA HOLE MOSADI !!! Regards. Your Son, Kabelo Motsamai”

Prince Kaybee Networth

Prince Kaybee is estimated to be worth $1million that he can attribute to album sales, live performance fees, endorsements and other business. 

Prince Kaybee Songs and Albums

Prince Kaybee’s Albums include:
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-        2014 albums; After Hours, Bar St Luna, Electro Elements, Silver Rabbit         Club, DJ Electro Mixology, Light of Day, Ehouse, Castle Electronica Collection, Party Lands, Electro Elements: Spring, Undercover, Electro Elements: Summer, Electronica Confessions and Electro Sex Me 

-        2015 album; Better Days and Black and White

-        2016 album; Urban House Edition

-        2017 albums; I Am Music, Red Mic Xperience

Some of Prince Kaybee’s songs include:

-        Love Affair

-        Nondaba

-        Odd Moments

-        Shukuma

-        Soul According to Drums

-        Soul Klap

-        Story Teller

-        Yebo Yes

To name only a few.

Prince Kaybee TV

Kaybee has consistenly appeared in broadcast. Some of which are: Fetch Your Life Dance Video from Botswana, Kaslam TV, Lwando Mtwa TV for Joburg day 2018, 947 Joburg Coke Top 40 SA with Zweli and Mantsoe, 947 Joburg Huawei Joburg Day, Expresso Show, Jwaneng, Botswana Spring fiesta.

Prince Kaybee also bagged the position of one of the talent search judges for the TV show, 1s and 2s, that catapulted him into stardom.

Kaybee was the winner of the SABC 1 talent search competition a few years ago and will be returning as one the the judges for it’s 5th season.

Prince Kaybee Controversy

Kaybee and TNS broke out in a war of words against each other on social media over Banomoya and Club Controller alleged non-payement. They were co-producers on the songs. TNS argued that Kaybee had not paid him for his part of the work, which was an allegation denied by Kaybee providing a paper trail that confirmed payment to TNS.

Prince Kaybee denied the claims by TNS on social media.

“I assured that he got bookings through my personal network and featured him on events in order to help him build his name and career. He lived in my home for the entire year in 2018 after he told me that he has no proper shelter, clothes or money to pursue his music. I took care of his life expense during this period and I can provide proof of the money spent on him. I bought him clothes, a phone, and gave him a car to pursue his work activities… I will take the hard lessons that came with my kindness but I will not stop believing or supporting young talent because of one bad experience with a greedy individual,” said Prince Kaybee.

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