Phenyo Oaitse Taking Over The World

Phenyo Oaitse Taking Over The World

Feb 25, 2019, 06:54 PM

It is rare to find a young lady who is so influential on social media and also successful with her education and in business. Phenyo is one young girl who has broken all the limitations that are associated with black young African girls.

At a young age of 22 years old, Phenyo Oaitse has broken new ground and has become one of the most talked about women in Botswana.

Oaitse is a creative entrepreneur, a stylist,  catalog model, a fashion writer to a local newspaper, a dancer at Mophato Dance Theater and social media influencer amongst other things.

She also was part of the preparations for I love Ensemble tour to New York City in the United States of America although she could not go there for their performance.The group became the only one from Botswana to appear at the Broadway PlayStation theatre stage.

Apart from her hand in the art industry, Phenyo is in her final year at the  Botswana accountancy college where she is studying Business management.

She also owns a fashion label  March Couture which was founded in 2015. And she said that her company produces casual couture and ready to wear clothing for their stylish customers.

The multi-talented Phenyo revealed that on her spare time she does solo dancing rehearsals and watches movies on the internet. She also opened up that she is single and is attracted to funny people who can make her laugh.

Phenyo Oaite also said that when she is behind the closets she is not as neat as she appears in public and her best friend is also messy and that her bedroom is always upside down.

In an interview with Botswana unplugged, Phenyo said that young people should not seek validation from anyone but follow their dreams.

“For who I inspire & motivate, I’d like to remind them that never seek validation from anyone. I’m a Self-love enthusiast & there’s no better love than that kind of love. Focus on you, be happy with who you are & I swear whatever anyone says about you will not shake you a bit,” she said.

Oaitse Speaks English and Setswana fluently and she aspires to be a successful economist. She is one of the young women in Botswana who have achieved their goals and has got the potential to take over the world. 

Main Image Credits: Twitter


Written by

Kuda Ruwende

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