Penny Lebyane is aging gracefully

Penny Lebyane is aging gracefully

Mar 04, 2019, 05:29 PM

Now let's not get it twisted Penny Lebyane has always looked good, ever since she used to call herself "The Fly One" back in her Metro FM days but now that she has reached her 40th year as an adult, she's become more radiant than ever.

Not only is she aging gracefully, but she is also serving us some serious sexy bikini looks.

Usually when women reach their 40's there's a sense of censorship they put on their bodies.

The thigh-bearing skirts get hidden way back in their wardrobes and bodysuits hardly see the light of day, let alone bikini's, but not with this lady. Penny is unleashing her sexiness and we're here for it!

From her bodysuit shots....

To her sexy bikini looks, we have no doubt that Penny has not come to play no games.

But embracing her body like this makes every bit of sense, after all she has been working very hard at the gym.

If we were working this hard at the gym, we'd also be out here flaunting our Summer bodies.

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Go one with your bad self Penny, we love the self-love you've been giving yourself lately and it shows in your new found glow.

When Penny is not embracing her self-love she is out their advocating for all women and highlighting the equality that woman deserve, especially when it comes to the work place.

During an interview with Anele Mdoda on 3 Talk, Penny revealed how she experienced sexism in the work place while still working for Metro FM as a young broadcaster.

Although at the time she was young and did not realise that she was experiencing sexism, looking back, she now realises that she was indeed being overlooked as a potential radio broadcaster and that her male colleagues received more favour than she did, especially when it came to getting new prime spots on radio.

“I had no idea what sexism, marginalisation and all of those things meant, but I experienced all of those things without the context of knowing what they were. I only realised in hindsight what those things were.”

But that is now in the past and Penny is a wiser woman who knows her worth.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PennyLebyane

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Zee Dladla - Test

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