Moshidi Is High Maintenance?

Moshidi Is High Maintenance?

Feb 19, 2019, 08:54 AM

A lot of avid viewers of The River expressed disappointment when Moshidi confirmed that her character on the drama series had been written out.

During a radio interview on 702, Moshidi explained that the directors and producers of the show had told her that her character (Malefu) would no longer be continued in the storyline.

"They (Directors and Producers) said they don't have a story for Malefu. It's as simple as that, that is what the producers have said. I am repeating what the producers said,” she explained.
However, it has now surfaced that the main reason why Moshidi left the show was because of a number of misunderstandings between her and the producers of the show.

Speaking to Sunday Sun this is what the actress had to say about the events leading up to her exit from the show;

''First he (Executive Producer) said I am too expensive, then he wanted to diminish me. In October last year I was told (that) I was going to be offered a contract for season two and on 1 December, I signed it, but on 21 December, I was told (that) my contract was not valid as my character no longer had a story.

Moshidi continued to add:

''What they did to me was cruel. I could not even say goodbye to some of the cast members.''

However, according to further information written by the publication, it was implied that Moshidi isn't all that innocent.

According to various sources speaking to Sunday Sun, Moshidi was said to be a bit of a diva on set, it was also alleged that her amendment of the script every so often did not settle well with the director of the show.

It's rather unfortunate that we will no longer see Moshidi on The River, especially considering that she went on a three-year TV hiatus only to leave again after being on television for a year.

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