Masi Sithole: The Sky Is The Limit

Masi Sithole: The Sky Is The Limit

Feb 27, 2019, 02:12 PM

Botswana is filled with very beautiful women that are very stylish and career driven. These women have broken all the barriers to a brighter future and have redefined the purpose of women in Botswana.

Masi's early background

Masi Sithole is one of these superwomen Botswana has birthed. The beautiful television presenter is also an event MC, socialite, and a motivational speaker.

Here are some of the things we didn’t know about her.

Masi comes from Moroka village in the North West of  Botswana and she is of the Kalanga native. She was born in the late 1980s and she is in her 30s.

Born in a family of six siblings, Masi lost both of her parents. She was then raised by her uncle in Galagwe, an uptown suburb in Francistown.

 “I had to live with my uncle who actually built my career without even noticing I was dwelling into showbiz or broadcasting. He is a miner and every day he will bring home some newspapers and ask me to read for him. That encouraged me to read a lot and of course Botswana is a mining country, I enjoyed the perks of staying in their residence,” she said.

Masi's educational background…

Masi Sithole is a qualified Mathematics and Integrated Science teacher.She also studied Public Relations at the Gaborone Universal College and she is currently studying towards a marketing degree with IDM.

Masi's career

Masi Sithole is one of the movers and shakers of the local showbiz industry. She became popular throughout Botswana when she began presenting a BTV  programme known as Property For You

Masi told Botswana Unplugged that she loves the limelight that has come with presenting on television:

“Since clinching the Property for your gig, I now know I thrive under attention. I love the glitter that comes with being on television. Being on this program is a totally new study for me. It has opened up my business ambitions and whenever I go on set at a new location I go in not just as a presenter but as an estate owner, buyer or tenant. I have fallen in love with property now and it’s such a good investment.”
She said.

Masi's love life 

Many will be surprised to know that Masi Sithole is single, as sizzling hot as she is. She opened up that she had been single for years now after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend who relocated to Kenya where he comes from.

She also revealed that she is ready to love again and her next boyfriend must be able to understand that she is a hard working woman.

Masi aspires to read the news on the radio and on television one day and we wish her all the best.

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Kuda Ruwende

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