Meek Mill Wants To Perform In Africa

Meek Mill Wants To Perform In Africa

Mar 26, 2019, 04:13 PM

Does anyone recall Meek Mill visiting Africa?

Not us, so when he revealed that he is interested in performing in Africa we couldn't help but become excited.

So how did this interest from Meek Mill all of a sudden come about?

Well, it all started when he commented on the deadly cyclone Idai which killed hundreds of people in Mozambique and other neighbouring countries.

Meek sent a tweet out questioning why social media in the Western world showed little to no interest in the tragic situation African countries find themselves in.

His tweet sparked an ongoing debate about Africa vs the world, Meek then tweeted another tweet that had people excited.

The  Philadelphia-born rapper mentioned that he wants to perform in the continent, although he didn't specify which countries, Africans from all over the continent showed great interest in him coming to the motherland, including our very own Cassper Nyovest.

Cassper clarified that he does not want to help Meek but he just wants to promote the concert and get his piece of the pie from the concert and bounce.

Spoken like a true businessman.

Do you think Cassper could pull it off?

Well, he has hosted a number of Fill Up concerts successfully hasn't he?

Let's see what Cassper can do for the rest of the continent, having Meek Mill perform here would really be something special.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@MeekMill
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