Latty Motlhalamme The Stylish One

Latty Motlhalamme The Stylish One

Feb 21, 2019, 05:47 PM

Have you ever looked at someone and wonder how they just put their things together to become stylish? With less effort, one becomes outstanding and whenever they pass through they leave people in awe.

Having your fashion trademark to some is a whole lot of work as you have to think broader and come up with something new and different.

Amongst the internationally recognised celebrities, South Africa has got Bonang Matheba who has become the Beyonce of Mzansi. 

Bonang’s sense of fashion is just on point. Although many tried to copy the television/radio personality and philanthropist, they have failed as her style is so unique.

The United States of America has got Kim Kardashian West who is the queen of all trends. Not only does Mrs. West have a stunning body but she also wears extraordinary outfits that make her a fashion icon.

Not only women know how to put their things in order to look exquisite,  but Botswana has also got the most stylish man by the name Latty Motlhalamme.

Latty’s hairstyles always leave heads rolling as it is out of this world. Many have tried to throw shade on the celebrity model but hey Latty is not giving an ear to criticism.

Not only is Motlhalamme known for his unique and different hairstyles, but he also is popular for piercing both sides of his nose and trims his eyebrows in an interesting way.

Latty Motlahalamme also has a modeling agency which recruits models for commercials and beauty pageants. His agency is for all sized models and it takes in inexperienced models and turns them into professionals.

On his free time, Motlahalamme does charity work and recently he started scouting for school uniforms from the public to donate to the needy school children.

On his Official Facebook page, he wrote:  “LOVE IN ABUNDANCE: This message is Especially for the former form 5 students, Please help me spread the love by donating your old school uniform, I would like to give the uniforms to the less fortunate students or orphans who cannot afford to get a school uniform. Winter is almost here, Donate Anything from Jerseys, blazers, School shoes, socks, pants, ties etc. I will take a pic with everyone who donates so I make a huge collage Framed artwork.DM me if you would love to donate.”

Shout to Latty he is such an inspiration.

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Main Image Credits: Facebook/Latty Motlahalamme.


Written by

Kuda Ruwende

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