Judge makes a ruling in HHP funeral case

Judge makes a ruling in HHP funeral case

Nov 02, 2018, 05:33 PM

As previously stated Lerato Sengadi took the Tsambos to court to try and halt the funeral that the family has planned for tomorrow, as well as to stake her claim to being heard out, as the late Jabba's wife.

Today saw the families duke it out in court and over the course of the lengthy proceedings many points were made by both sides, with the Tsambo's stating that the lobola negotiations weren't complete because Lerato Sengadi was never officially handed over, and Lerato stating that the two families were in fact joined, post negotiations.

At some point Mrs Tsambo, HHP's mother, apparently even passed a note that stated that just because the duo lived together doesn't mean Lerato can lay claim to being the late star's customary wife.

A lot happened, but here's a rundown of what was said and what the conclusion was regarding this milestone case, according to EWN, who were in court at the time.

Hip Hop heavyweights Shugasmakx and Amu showed up to court in support of Lerato.

The Tsambos denied that Lerato and HHP's marriage was real and valid, as ahs been previously stated, because the lobola negotiations were not completed. However the family also stated that they were not against Lerato attending the funeral.

After a brief hiatus the Tsambos asked that they settle this out of court, and have the family elders talk everything out, but Lerato apparently refused and so the case continued.

Lerato's counsel posed the question of why the Tsambos had not publicly come out to deny the marriage between Lerato and Jabba, which had been public knowledge for more than a year now, while he was still alive.

The judge in turn also questioned why, if the Tsambos were so strict about traditional values, they'd have let her come home with them if the lobola process was not complete. Footage was apparently shown that depicted some sort of celebration, but the Tsambos stated that they did not, in fact, bring Lerato home with them, but instead took her to her own familial home.

Lerato and her lawyers stated that since Jabba had built a life for himself in Johannesburg, that is where he should be buried instead of Mafikeng.

More bride deliverance and handing over semantics ensued but the Judge ultimately declared that as far as requirements for the validity of a customary marriage goes, Lerato was, in fact, lawfully married to Jabba and could stake her claim as his widow.  He further added that the process of handing over a bride stood, as far as tradition goes, but is not necessary as far as the law goes.

The judge then went on to speak on Jabba's social standing and implored that Lerato attend the funeral, which he said he would not grant her the power to stop because essentially, it is a national affair and we cannot allow infighting to affect an event of this magnitude. He pleaded with Sengadi and the Tsambos to tap into the spirit of Ubuntu and work from that mind frame.

So ultimately, moving forward, the funeral is still taking place and Lerato is, in fact, HHP's widow.

Main Image: Twitter/Leratolicious
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Bakang Akoonyatse

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