Is Bonang Really Moving To The States?

Is Bonang Really Moving To The States?

Mar 12, 2019, 04:54 PM

Word is Bonang has been house hunting in Manhattan New York, ever since she's been on her Coat Tour.

But why is she house hunting in faraway lands?

Well, according to rumours that have been circulating around these entertainment streets, Bonang is actually working on a next level reality show titled "Bonang - Coming To America" produced by Red Button Films.

If Red Films sounds familiar to you that's because the production company also produced a documentary titled Public Figure which was also co-produced by Bonang.

The documentary has also been selected for the Manchester Film Festival which took place this past weekend.

Anyway, back to Bonang moving to New York.

Apparently, Bonang - Coming to America will follow her experience living in the Big Apple as she attempts to duplicate her success in America.

Basically Bonang will be doing what she's been doing in her home country; attending A-list events, doing photoshoots wearing designer brands and many other things that a media-darling like herself does on a day-to-day basis.

“I’m excited to explore my personal style & narrative in the US as well as share projects I’m working on. While the world has become a lot smaller, Africa’s place in it has got a lot bigger and it’s a massive honor to be part of this growth,” Bonang shared.

We absolutely can't wait to see what Queen B* will have in store for us while she dominates the American market.

You go get 'em Queen!

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Bonang_M

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Zee Dladla - Test

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