Boity Accused Of Stealing A Song?

Boity Accused Of Stealing A Song?

Feb 28, 2019, 05:05 PM

Well this has surely taken the hip hop community by surprise.

According to the streets, media darling now rapper - Boity has been accused of stealing a song by another female rapper who goes by the name of Karen Francis.

Speaking to South African online woman magazine - All4Women, Frances shared that she believes Boity jacked her song "Cake" and flipped it around to create her current single "Bakae".

What we also found interesting about Karen is that she is actually based in the UK and is also a YouTube Blogger.

Karen speaks fluent seTswana and recorded the song - "Cake" in her mother language.

She told All4Women that she realised a lot of similarities between her song and Boity's "Bakae" saying:

“I listened to Bakae and I was in a completely state of shock because I recognised so many elements of the song instantly. I could recognise my signature and my structure on Boity’s verses."

The young rapper also shared how displeased she is at Boity for allegedly jacking her song.
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Have you listened to both songs? What's your take on the accusations?

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