Getting To Know Miss Botswana 2019

Here are some facts about Oweditse Phirinyane.

By  | Sep 26, 2019, 08:51 AM

After weeks of extensive competition for the ladies, one of them had to be crowned as Miss Botswana 2019/2020.
Miss Botswana Finale

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As Miss Botswana settles in to her throne before the real work begins, it's only right for people to get to know their queen better. Here are a few things that you might have not known about Oweditse Phirinyane.

Her background

Her full name is Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane, also nicknamed Fafah. She is a 25 year old Orapa born woman, who holds quiet a few titles to her name, starting from Primary School.

Her school leadership titles

From being a prefect in primary school, to being headgirl in high school, she has been in quiet a few leadership positions since her teenage years.

Previous titles held

The pageant contender is known to have competed in a number of pageants, sometimes winning first place, to runner up and third place as well. Here are some of the previous titles she held:

Miss Botho University 1st Princess 2013/2014, Miss Private Tertiary Institutions, 2nd Princess 2013/14, Miss Grand International BW 2nd Princess 2014/2015, Miss Heritage Botswana 2016/2017, Miss Heritage Global 3rd runner up 2017 and Miss Heritage Global Humanity Ambassador 2017

5 fun facts

She is a Queen of DIY and loves coming up with outfit designs.

She has taken part in all the biggest fashion shows in the country (her titles speak volumes)

She sold hotdogs and was a nail tech between classes at Botho Varsity to make extra cash for rent.

Like many, she wears and supports local brands.

Lastly, she is a bookworm.

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Picture credit: Facebook (Miss Botswana 2019/2020)