Get to know these celebrity Sangomas

Get to know these celebrity Sangomas

Oct 29, 2018, 10:39 AM

While it seems our local celebrities seem to be getting the evangelical calling - Ntsoro, Vee Mampeezy, Berry Heart and apparently Vee's Black Money Makers signee Mingo as well, not to mention Kast, just over the border, the celebrities seem to be following a parallel route.

While ancestral worship is as natural as, well, lobola, for us as Africans, one would be hard pressed to find a local celebrity who'd openly admit to practicing it. When the ancestors call though, you can't just hang up.

Recently, while Boity was on baecation she took time out to go give thanks to her ancestors and it got us wondering, which other celebrities are balancing the spiritual and secular paths?

Here's a list of celebs you might not have known are sangomas as well.
Some actively practice while others only went through the process of ukuthwasa (initiation) and kept it moving. 

Letoya Makhene

Letoya's probably the most recognizable on the list. The actress, singer and TV personality has been very vocal about her journey walking in the limelight and with spirit and continues to thrive in both aspects.
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I have lived. I have loved. I have conquered. I have been broken and I have risen. I look back on my life and I'm in awe of the many blessings that I have received. By age 9 I knew what it was to sacrifice play time because of work obligations - touring with my dad and sharing stages with giants! I was also doubling in 2 careers by that time as not only a singer, but a presenter on K-T.V. By age 10, I was doing international tours with my dad - had the honour of jamming with Stevie Wonder in Ghana and by then, working as a presenter on The Rainbow Starship - which became what you now know as YO-T.V. By 11 I was the anchor presenter at the Disney UNESCO Children's Summit-representing SA. I sang at the Commonwealth Games here in SA too! I decided to take a break from everything by age 12 coz I just wanted to be a child. By 13 I was starting to feel restless again - being a normal child at school just wasn't enough for me anymore. Started appearing in a few commercials. But when I wasn't appearing in them, I was singing in them. At 14 my sisters and I were in a girl group called s'Kool Girlz. I was in high school by then, studying Drama at NSA. By 16 I was back at doubling in careers as not only the lead singer of s'Kool Girlz, but as a presenter on Channel O. We recorded our last album when I was just 16-after mom passed away. At 17 I was a contestant on Idols. By 18 I was head hunted as a presenter on the very same show! Crazy. I know. Let's not forget that they used my singing voice for the lead actress on Mr Bones when I was only 17! At 19 I went into initiation school - stayed there for 8 months. Was a qualified Traditional Dr by age 20. Did a cameo on Rhythm City. Became a lead actress on Isidingo by age 27...and by 30, a lead actress on Generations The Legacy. I recorded The One with D.J Cleo at 31. By age 33, I was not only still acting on Generations until 6 months of pregnancy but I was also in studio in with my dad at the same time, recording, Qinisela. Thank you for the love and support you've shown me throughout my life. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Thank you for being on #TeamLetoya Love 💞 📸 @ubizo_shoots

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Lvovo Derrango

Yes, the L'Vovo.  Back in 2016 he went through the initiation process.

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2016 was Boity's initiation year as well. According to ZAlebs, the star stated in an interview with Metro FM'S Fresh Breakfast: "They're two different people (Boity and Gogo Boitumelo) and I can do it both. If I was not born to do it both (being famous and being a sangoma) I am sure that my ancestors would remove one to ensure that I concentrate on the other. I think I've found a nice balance and I'm treading carefully on this journey when it comes to my calling. I don't take chances if they say I can't do something or I mustn't do something, I don't ask, and I will not try fight for Boity just for Gogo Boitumelo to get sidelined."

Nandi Nyembe

In an old DRUM article Nandi revealed that she'd gone through initiation at 17 after suffering an illness Drs couldn't diagnose or fix and shared that she still assists her daughter, who also got the calling, with consultations.

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Main Image: Instagram/letoyamakhene
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Bakang Akoonyatse

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