Dipsy reaches out to ATI

Dipsy reaches out to ATI

Oct 16, 2018, 09:57 AM

It's been a little over a month since ATI came back onto the scene after a brief stint in rehab.

Speaking to The Voice, the Khiring Khorong singer admitted “It is true I left the country on clinical terms. I was diagnosed with a condition which is a result of substance abuse.”

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Speculation had been rife around the time of his departure that his condition had something to do with substance abuse but no one could say for sure. 

“At the time I was going through things that I cannot really explain, and since this and that was not manageable in my life I had to seek professional help.  I am human you know, and sometimes, the things expected of me I was not able to cope with. I am human, I am not some ‘super human!’” he reiterated.

During his interview with The Voice the star stated that as yet he isn't working on an album but last night he shared a tweet telling Motswana ko lapeng that he's about to drop a track.

Perhaps that's what led to the Legendary Dipsy Selolwane reaching out and offering his support to ATI.

Anyone who's dealt with these issues will tell you, those helping to get you back on track stress the importance of a support structure. Sobriety oftentimes means solitude because the people one knew before they decided to get sober were either enablers or users themselves. Detaching from them lessens one's temptation to relapse and it seems Dipsy would like to be a part of ATI's sobriety journey.

It's a noble gesture and honestly we're all rooting for ATI.

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Bakang Akoonyatse

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