'Couples Who Hustle Together, Stay Together'- Shona Ferguson

The secret is revealed

By  | Feb 20, 2020, 03:26 PM

Shona and Connie Ferguson have been together for almost two decades, they have been mentioned in almost everyone's top five power couples but what's their secret? Shona tells us, what it is.

Shona shared some pearls of wisdom on how to grow as a couple and it's all about working hard together.

Shona and Connie Ferguson are one of Botswana's most inspiring couples - they've been through it all together. According to Shona, his number one tip on social media was a couple that hustles together will stay together.
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Mr Ferguson, didn't need to say more than this because it's clear from his marriage to Connie that this mindset is a successful one in a relationship.

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As one of our beloved power couples, these two are likely to continue setting #couplegoals for many more years.

Just last year, Connie and Shona celebrated 17 years together and later this year, they'll happily celebrate 18 years. Although they've been together so long, the two admit that they aren't solely focused on each other either- their love is divided to their kids too.
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They continue to grow and love up on each other and honestly, this is the type of content we love to see.

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