Botswana's Talent To Be Showcased At This Year's Masa Fashion Show

Botswana's Talent To Be Showcased At This Year's Masa Fashion Show

Sep 06, 2019, 04:33 PM

The Masa Fashion Show will be shining the spotlight on Botswana's very own fashion designers that are fresh talent and new to the spotlight this year. The show will be hosted by Masa Square Hotel on the 19th of October.

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This year the theme is 'Spotlight On Botswana' and continues to celebrate the fashion industry and Botswana's creatives. The third installment of this much anticipated fashion display will be doing what they do best, changing the fashion rules and adding their own twist and flair to the country's fashion and design.

Speaking to Botswana Unplugged on the chosen theme, hotel manager Mr Hayden Bowl speaks proudly of the country and the achievements in securing it's seat at the top of the fashion world. "Stories are being shared, both positive and negative, the underlying issue remains that they are told from foreign lenses." He said.

Masa Fashion Show 2018

Designers will be working with Jan Malan from Umzingeli Productions for the third time running. Together they will be creating opportunities for the industry to grow and become international, designers always ensuring the Batswana culture is commemorated. In addition to welcoming new and fresh designers to the industry, thirteen well-known designers will show the world what the country is made of.

The hotel is confident that the country's entertainment industry has grown and reached a certain market as it is time to tell Batswana's story's through fashion. Critics can expect a show that will show a proud display of all of the designers creativity in representing the country.

Some of the designers showcasing their work this year include Lebo Merafhe, Candida and Wedu of DihDah, Tankiso Mathware of Priestly, Delayna Scott of Delayna Scott Designs and Phomolo Polinyane and Chawanda July of Amber Leigh Creations and many other talented designers.

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