Bonang Takes On Politician

Bonang Takes On Politician

Apr 23, 2019, 04:49 PM

Over the weekend Bonang found herself in a nasty social media quarrel with DA member -  Phumzile Van Damme.

Bonang, as always was dragged into a conversation on Twitter that had nothing to do with her after a troll weighed in on a spelling error alleged to have been on an ANC banner.

This did not settle well with Bonang who came out guns blazing and even dropped the F-bomb.

Taken back by her response to the social media world reacting in shock as the queen hardly comments in such a manner but it is clear that Bonang has had enough of the cyberbullying.

Bonang immediately trended and everyone was talking about her scathing clapback including - Phumzile.

Phumzile took to Twitter to tell a fan who was commenting to release the cap locks on their comment.

The next thing we know, the two ladies got into a catfight and it was nasty.

Bonang ended up blocking the politician.

Queen B* told her followers that she was so tired of the negative energy on social media towards her that she had to do something about it, then proceeded to share pictures of her Easter Weekend mini vacay overseas.

Kill them with success queen!

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Zee Dladla - Test

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