Bonang Is Not Settling Down Anytime Soon

So you can stop asking her when

By  | Feb 20, 2019, 12:51 PM

Bonang is a few months shy from turning 32-years-old. She has everything a girl could ask for; adoring fans, family, money, fame, success and a happy life.

But one thing Bonang doesn't have is a husband and children. Many people might think that, that is what Bonang is lacking or yearning for at the moment, but the media-darling wants to assure everyone that a husband and child is not on her priority of things to have or achieve at the moment.
Bonang was recently a guest speaker at the #WeSeeEqual Gender Equality Summit hosted by UN Women in Mumbai.

And at that Summit, she revealed that she still wants to achieve a number of things before she settles down and gets married as a way of empowering herself and other women.

"We always teach girls that they must aspire to be a wife or mother. I turn 32 in June, the one thing I always get asked is 'when are you getting married?' 'When are you having children?"

"No honey, I want to make some money, I want to travel the world. I want to come to Mumbai. I want to speak at the UN Women's Summit. I want to be an inspiration," reports Sowetan Live. 

Bonang added that society tends to downplay the efforts and achievements of women and is of the idea that a woman's success is dependent on a man or husband.

"I don't have a husband and children. That will come at a later stage. Why is it that the things that I have achieved with the help of my mom and sisters can't be celebrated? Why does it have to be validated if there is a man next to me? To enable girls to be unstoppable we have to give them access to education,"  

You tell 'em B! 

Ladies, achieve that personal goal, get your money right and then consider settling down, especially if marriage and having kids is not important to you right now.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BonangMatheba