AKA Wants Kairo To Play Tennis

AKA Wants Kairo To Play Tennis

Feb 27, 2019, 04:04 PM

AKA has a lot of ambitions for his 3-year-old daughter - Kairo, just like any parent would.

Ever since he became a dad, AKA has been quite adamant in giving his daughter the best life he can possibly build for her.

The multi-talented rapper recently took to Twitter to express how he and his father would love to have Kairo play tennis and one day become a professional at it.

In true AKA style, he then took a friendly jab at the mother of his child - DJ Zinhle, by mentioning that having her daughter become a tennis play will prove to be a bit challenging considering that her mother is a DJ and plays house music around their daughter and that her father is a multi-talented entertainer.

So as the saying goes " the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" therefore chances of Kairo becoming an entertainer later in her life is highly possible, which isn't a bad thing....is it?

But who knows? Maybe little Kairo might just surprise mom and dad one day and become a professional in something they totally would have not expected.

In other great AKA news, the rapper has really shown great support for the youth of South Africa as of recent.

AKA donated R100,000 to the Wits HRC Humanitarian Fund in support of the student hunger strike that recently took place. Him and his team also went to Wits University to give out food to the students.

AKA mentioned that he had been following the story of the difficulties students have been facing and thought that it was high time he and the many citizens of South Africa did something to help those who were in desperate need of help.
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Respect to the Supa Mega.

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