When A Fruit Causes So Much Drama

When A Fruit Causes So Much Drama

Apr 10, 2019, 03:59 PM

Pettiness in the local Hip-Hop community is definitely at an all-time high.

Look, it is no secret that AKA and Cassper Nyovest do not like each other, their beef has been ongoing for a couple of years now and it has reached a point where we think the two are just being straight up childish.

Especially with their recent fruity squabble.

So just recently, Music Mogul & Bad Boy CEO - P Diddy was busy teasing the launch of Ciroc's upcoming flavour - Watermelon Summer on social media which caught the attention of many AKA & Cassper's fans.

Now if you know your local hip hop facts, Cassper Nyovest is also a Ciroc ambassador whereas AKA is a Cruz Vodka ambassador.

So when AKA promoted the Cruz Vodka Watermelon flavour, Cassper decided to throw a bit of shade towards AKA in the song Monate Mpolayi by saying the words "Hare batle magapu" which obviously translates to 'We don't want watermelons.'

Well, it sure does look like Ciroc does want watermelons now after all doesn't it?

Now you can imagine the twar that ensued after it came to light that P Diddy in collaboration with Ciroc was releasing a watermelon flavoured bottle of the premium vodka brand.

Check out the pettiness between the two rappers and their fans alike right here.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AKAWorldwide
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Zee Dladla - Test

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