'Africa, I'm Official"- US Rapper, Ludacris is a Gabon Citizen

Luda proudly shows off his dual citizenship

By  | Jan 13, 2020, 12:38 PM

US rapper and Atlanta native Ludacris has officially become an African citizen of Gabon and he's so excited that its a family affair- got the kids and his mamma dual citizenship too. 

Ludacris' wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, is originally from Gabon and he must've felt compelled to really come back to the motherland by applying to become a citizen as well. 

In an Instagram video Ludacris gladly let his followers know that when he's from Africa, its not just talk. He said in a post:

Ladies and gentleman, I just became and official citizen of Gabon. Starting my new year off with dual citizenship! AFRICA IM OFFICIAL!! Momma & kids too. The best gift of the decade.
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Ludacris will retain his American passport making him a dual citizen of both countries.

Over the holidays, the rapper and his family also visited Ghana. During his time in Accra, Luda wrote: 

Our ancestors never gave up Faith. You can never imprison our minds nor our spirits. They empowered me to Return. I have completed the cycle and I'm beginning a new Cycle. The Chains have been Broken and the indomitable resilience of African People Triumphs.

Luda was also spotted dancing to Burna Boy and Zlatan's "Killin Dem" over the holiday celebrations.
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Luda definitely had us beat with new year, new me mantras and literally took it all the way to another level. But, a congratulations are in order regardless and all we can say to the Luda family is, "Welcome home".

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Main image credit: Djbooth.net