5 Things To Know About Kearoma Rantao

Passion has developed her into the woman of substance that she is today

By  | Aug 27, 2019, 04:05 PM

The beautiful and successful Kearoma Rantao is someone whose talent is unmatched. Her popularity spreads globally as she has worked with musicians from South Africa, United States, Norway and so forth. 

If she is not doing music, she definitely is cruising out of town even out of the country with her closest friends and is family orientated. A social media addict is what she says but has time for family as they keep her grounded. A mother and daughter, an all round successful woman.

Here are 5 things to know and love about the songstress.

Her background 

Born in Ramotswa, Kearoma’s family is originally from South Africa, however they moved to Botswana to escape the atrocities of Apartheid. She grew up in lobatse and schooled there. It was there and then where she found her passion for music and started music. 

A straight ‘A’ student who was very much involved in extracurricular activities including the choir, sports and traditional dance. She is also a qualified hotelier. 

Musical history 

She became fully invested in music in the year 1998 where she got involved in the EexCutEdge times. Fast-forward to 2008 where she partook in the ‘Women in jazz’ Botswana group and recorded an album with legendary and very talented Vee Mampeezy. Kearoma then decided to go solo and released her very first album titled ‘When The Music Plays’ 

Christian background

She identifies herself as a God fearing woman as she was shaped by the Christian environment growing up. Those upbringings made her who she is today and her success speaks volumes. She says being a Christian helped her during her adolescent years as she steered clear away from drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. 

Philanthropy work 

Kearoma is also the founder of ‘Women and Girl’s Corner’ foundation. A foundation which advocates for every girl child to have full access to education, freedom of speech and girls that are living in an abuse free environment.  She and her music companions will be touring around the city and performing their most successful hits whilst helping girls in need.  This is one of her best initiatives to raise 1,000 sanitary towels for girls. Event goers can donate a pack to save a girl child. 

Her accomplishments 

Although she aspires to be the next Miriam Makeba, her success is also very noticeable. She has been awarded 3 BOMU awards for her solo album released in 2012 out of 4 nominations. In the year 2014 she was the first Batswana artist in Southern Africa to be nominated for an AFRIMMA. A highlight in her career according to her is travelling to Europe with the Kalahari ensemble. Her music is played in countries abroad which proves her success and hard work not to mention, dedication. She manages her career herself, even though she finds it difficult to all of that and market her music, she prefers it that way.

Main image credit: Facebook