5 Reasons We Love Resego Motlhokathari

5 Reasons We Love Resego Motlhokathari

Jul 12, 2019, 09:28 AM

It was Kanye West on his song ‘Big Brother’ who said “People never get the flowers while they can still smell them”, and we do not want to make that mistake, so we’re appreciating one of our own today.

Born in Good Hope, a village in the Southern District of Botswana, Resego Motlhokathari is a Radio and Television presenter. Amoungst some of his work, is hosting the radio show ‘Sunday Ballads’ on RB2 every Sunday from 09h00 to 12h00.

Here are 5 reasons we love him

He is a praying man
Whether you’re slaying in this life thing, or life is showing you flames, some form of motivation is always needed. Motlhokathari does this so effortlessly via his social media accounts and even goes the extra mile of posting a prayer or two.

He is consistent
It is tough to stay relevant and maintain an admirable level of consistency in this industry because it is ever-evolving. What is hot and trendy today, may not be hot and trendy tomorrow. But Motlhokathari’s charismatic personality has been on the RB2 airwaves since 2013 and his relevance and consistency is a manifestation of his hard work and determination.

He gives the listeners what they want!
Another reason he has been the host of Sunday Ballads for so long is because he listens to the listeners and that is why they are always tuned in.

His style 
Just a few clicks on some of his instagram posts and one can tell that he takes his content seriously. His fashion sense speaks for itself. Whatever he wears, he is always looking suave and also has the body for it!

Instagram embed

His future is secure
Motlhokathari is graduate of Limkokwing University where he obtained a BSc Information Technology, he also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management from the Botswana Accountancy Collage. It doesn’t end there! He is an accredited Soft Skills, Technical Skills Trainer, Assessor and is currently a studying towards a degree in Business Administration & Management at the Botswana Open University. 

See why we stan?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/rmotlhokathari
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