Way Out Valentine - Mihlali and Ntsiki

These ladies really went all out.

By  | Feb 15, 2021, 09:25 AM 

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Valentine’s day just came and went, with couples taking full advantage that it fell on a Sunday. Lovers spent the day snuggling together and all the single people joined forces to share salty memes! Just kidding – the single pringles had fun, too. But no one had as much fun as the two ladies we’re about to tell you about – namely Mihlali Ndamase and Ntsiki Mazwai. These two took their Valentine’s Day celebrations to the next level by doing things most wouldn’t have the guts to do. Curious? Let us tell you what they did.

Some interesting celebrations 

Mihlali Ndamase treated herself to a rather exotic facial – a vajacial. You may be confused as to what that is. You may be shocked by what you think it is. It is what it sounds like – a facial for the skin around her vagina. (Technically, her vulva.) This massage was apparently extremely effective as Mihlali tweeted about how soft her nether regions felt after the treatment. The influencer definitely intends to make this a regular thing. She had tweeted, “Got my first vagacial today, chile I’m definitely making this a habit. Mami is soft and tender ngathi she’s about to fall off the bone.” Her fans on Twitter shared mixed reactions. Some sarcastically teased her for posting about something so intimate. Others were genuinely curious about how the entire treatment was. One particular male fan shared sympathy over how much women had to do to maintain themselves, while most men just bathed to get ready. All in all, the treatment sounded very relaxing and soothing. The vajacial exfoliates the skin, clears up ingrown hairs, and removes any oil and dirt from the pores.
In other news, Ntsiki Mazwai showed us what her mama gave her in celebration of Valentine’s day. The star is seen naked in a pool with her back and bottom on full display. She has a beautiful figure and we’re not surprised that she wants to flaunt it. She strategically hid her top half though, so that Twitter doesn’t censor the picture. That being said, she’s sharing a lot more with us than most people do! We love how confident she is to post something like this. It’s no surprise though – Ntsiki has always been a big fan of both controversy and displaying skin!
What interesting Valentine’s day celebrations caught your eye? Was it anything as scandalous as these two lovely ladies? We doubt it could have been as they certainly took the cake and stormed our Twitter feeds!
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