Keeping Up With The Setshwaelo's

Greatness runs in the Setshwaelo family.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Warona Setshwaelo 

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We all know Mme Mma as a revered psychologist and her daughter Warona as the former Big Brother housemate and Chalk and Cheese TV host, but who you may not know is Warona's younger sister, Marang, who's also a phenomenal young lady and the current PR manager for Uzalo.

The Setshwaelo sisters are currently living their lives as notable trailblazers in their fields, and here's a list of things you may not know about the well rounded duo. 


1. Warona has a B.A in Theatre Arts and moved to Canada to pursue a career in acting. 

2. She's a respected Theatre artist in Montreal and has performed in Toronto's Taragon Theatre.

3. Warona has starred in Hollywood blockbusters such as Jack of Diamonds, Deadfall, Northpole, Assassin of Creed and White House Down.

4. According to her iMDB page, Warona is happily partnered and raising a daughter with Mike Payette, Artistic Director of Geordie Productions. 

5. She also starred in Quantico. 


1. Like her mother, Marang is a notable feminist and advocate.

2. She was engaged to former Africana editor and author Phillippe E Wamba, who unfortunately passed away back in 2002.

3. When Hugh Masekela passed away, Marang was declared the family spokesperson.

4. She's the current publicist for Uzalo under Dreamcatcher Management Agency.

5. She's obviously a time traveler because how is she 46?!

Main image credit: Twitter/Marangdream
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