Vee Mampeezy Remembers The Late Sasa Klaas In A Heartfelt Message

Klaas is believed to have died in a helicopter crash

By  | Mar 09, 2021, 08:18 AM 

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The untimely passing of musician and TV presenter Sasa Klaas has left the nation shook, and messages of condolences are still pouring in to her family.

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Although details surrounding her cause of death are still sketchy, the 27-year-old artist is believed to have died in a helicopter crash. Sasa Klaas won the hearts of many people with her street smart command of vernacular, impeccable hip-hop bars, and beauty with brains. Her music and TV career blossomed over the years, making her a force to be reckoned with and she was regarded as the queen of rap in the country.

This morning, Vee Mampeezy took to social media to remember her in a heartfelt message and reflected on how she had a kind demeanor.

In a tweet, he shared a screenshot from a WhatsApp text he received from Klaas thanking him for fighting for artists in the country. Vee was recently arrested after breaking the lockdown regulations by hosting a meeting with more than 50 people while he was calling the government for not supporting artists during these trying times. Klaas paid tribute to him and ATI in a lengthy message that got us reaching for the tissues.

"What annoys me is that you're so misunderstood you've been in the game for a long time and you are deserving of everything right now. We grew up listening to your music and you showed us that it was possible. We need to respect as who you are. Who else but you to lead us. I personally want to thank you and ATI for taking the bullet while the rest of us were quiet. You affected change and you don't owe us or anyone else anything from here. Even if nothing happened, your efforts mean everything. People don't realize all those meetings you had with the government had no selfish hidden intentions. You knew that something had to change. I appreciate you Much love from your sister always, Sasa Klaas."

Vee said the message touched him so much because Klaas never used to write such heartfelt messages and he feels like with that message she was saying goodbye to him. 

"This is the message that makes me cry all the time when I  the reality of u passing kicks in. The time u sent  this Message I was so down, u normally Don't  send this kind of messages but u did, Now I feel  like u sent this Message to say goodbye, Rip my lil sis," he shared

Klaas and Mampeezy both celebrate their birthdays on the same date and he wondered who he will celebrate it with?

"We will try even though we feel u went  2 soon, remember me and u share a birthday who am I going to Celebrate my bday with this year Love u always  SASA .JESUS  knows  all things RIP," he shared.
May her soul rest in peace!

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