Vee Celebrates His Favorite Girls

He is pulling at our heartstrings

By  | Apr 05, 2021, 04:18 PM 

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Vee Mampeezy is one of the country's proudest fathers ever and he often celebrates his children on social media.  Besides being busy, juggling work and family, he always finds time to fulfill his daddy diaries.

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In his latest Instagram post, the musician decided to showcase love to his favorite girls. He posted a picture of his wife Kagiso Sento and her daughter having a precious mother and daughter moment. Vee captioned the picture "My girls" followed by heart emojis. We couldn't help but marvel at their beauty, they look gorgeous.

We absolutely love it when fathers show love and appreciation to their kids and wives.

Vee is married to his wife, Kagiso Sento, and they are noted as one of Botswana’s most-watched celebrity couples, with their style, swagger, and luxury living.

The two have achieved what most can only dream of in their lifetime. Vee Mampeezy has been in the music industry for several years now and he has managed to solidify himself as one of the country's most famous and successful artists.

In a post on his Instagram account in November 2020, Vee gave us a glance at his glamorous mansion. The purpose was not to flaunt his opulent lifestyle or to cause chest pains, but it came from a good place, purely to inspire his fans that hard work pays off.

The two met in 2003 at Jwaneng and have been inseparable since. The couple doesn’t seem to have lost that spark with the number of sweet messages they exchange on their social media. Together Kagiso and Odirile have two children, son Elisha Tlotlang Okeditse Bobo Sento and daughter Armani Omaatla Amen Sento.

The two had a heated exchange on New Year's eve and things spiraled out of control. Speaking to The Voice, Kagiso said, “We had been hanging out by the pool area like a regular family. At around 2 am the children retired for bed whilst we continued our night watching television. As the night went on I received a phone call from one of his fans wishing us a happy new year. As soon as I hung up the call Vee accused me of infidelity and I tried to explain to him who the person on the phone was.”

Despite the drama, they are now cool and we love to see them going stronger than ever.

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