Zibo Bantsi's Emotional Heavenly Birthday Wishes

Gone but never forgotten

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An emotional turn of events as stars takes to social media to wish the late social media sensation and YouTuber Zibo Bantsi. Frost Legato has broken his silence during Zibo Bantsi's birthday yesterday.

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Taking to social media, Frost Legato has wished his late girlfriend and mother of his baby girl Azha a heavenly birthday during her birth date yesterday. Frost, who has had the hardest hit during when his girlfriend passed away shortly after giving birth to their baby girl.

Taking to social media, in a beautiful post that Frost posted of her daughter alongside Zibo Bantsi's picture when they were both around the same age. They look very much alike, you can tell that the pair is actually mother and daughter.

frostlegato wrote "Happy Birthday, Mmagwe Azha"
Industry friends, fans and followers could not miss out on the opportunity to wish the late Zibo Bantsi a heavenly birthday during when Frost Legato wished her yesterday. Taking to social media, social media darling Marang Selolwane has wished the late Zibo Bantsi a heavenly birthday and shared how much she loved and missed her.
Marang Selolwane - IG Story

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Some of the stars who has taken time off their busy schedules to wish the late Zibo Bantsi well during her birthday was none other than radio and TV personality Miss Geekays. Who lately have been going though a lot at her work while some of the freelance radio presenters decided to hang their microphones while going on a strike for bad contracts and unpaid salaries.

Taking to social media, Miss Geekays has opened her heart bare while wishing Frost Legato and his family, including baby Azha everything of the best.

"May her beautiful soul continue to Rest In Peace .May the good Lord continue to watch over you and your family Frost 🙏🙏 Baby Azha is so adorable please 🥰" wrote Miss Geekays

tlotlo_a_ghanie wrote "Happy heavenly birthday 🤍🕊"

If anything at all, fans and followers are still gushing over how Baby Azha looks exactly like her late mother Zibo Bantsi. When we talk about copy and paste, it is exactly what has happened with resemblance between the pair. Social media is abuzz while fans are eating out of baby Azha's beauty and resemblance to her mother, Zibo.

angelamathul wrote "She definitely said copy and paste that's right❤️❤️ Forever in our hearts 🕊♥️🥺"

nomondemtjotjoa wrote "Happy heavenly birthday to Mama Azha. May her soul continue resting in peace 🥺❤️"

missy_gtm wrote "Aww happy heavenly birthday Zibo ❤️❤️❤️gone too soon but never forgotten"

styles_by_goitse wrote "TWINS!!! Happy heavenly birthday baby girl!❤️❤️❤️"

feyithile wrote "🤍🤍 Azha nana is so much like her mother 🥺❤️"

Frost Legato has been through it since the passing of his baby mother. While having episodes on social media where he was missing her. He would take to social media to express his state of mind and he would normally leave fans bumping heads and feeling overwhelmed. Recently when he took to social media, following his very short and cryptic post on Instagram about the pain of losing a loved one. Frost continues to mention how the pain of losing never seems to go away and how taunting it is.

"Loss is such a horrible thing man, you think you're okay for a while then one thing triggers you and you're back to the day it happened, wouldn't wish this pain on anyone, it's crippling and I don't think it ever changes." wrote Frost Legato

We would like to wish Zibo Bantsi, who is also baby Azha's mother, a beautiful heavenly birthday. 

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