"Work On Your Beauty With A Purpose Project Now”- Palesa

Impotant Message to Miss Botswana entries

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As curtains are closing in for her, it was only fit that we know when she will be handing over her crown. Miss Zambia has recently invited Palesa to Zambia as she was handing over her crown. However we love the fact that auditions are just about to take off.

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Curtains are closing in last year’s Queens and a season for new Queens is just here. Miss World will also soon announce the Miss World date. Miss Cote D'Ivoire is also handed the crown to the next Queen. Palesa gave these Queens the utter most support as they were handing over their crowns.

She recently announced in the Miss Botswana urging Queens to be authentic as they will taking over the Miss Botswana journey and that will really come handful in their competition. She also made another video were she urged Queen to start working on their beauty with a purpose project. Something that has caused many previous Queens to fail at the Miss World competition. Hopefully this year the entries will do a far much better work.


Miss Botswana has in the past been accused of opening the Miss Botswana auditions late and sabotaging the incoming Queen from performing and preparing herself at Miss World. It’s been many years now that they have been accused of this but for many years now and this has not changed.

 Preparation on time and calling auditions on time is the only way can perform better internationally. South Africa has already auditioned and has even chosen their finalist while Miss Botswana is waiting for a later date. This is one of the major changes we are anticipating in the Miss Botswana pageantry. We are looking forward to these kinds of changes.

 We love how South Africa is beating the clock to host the Miss South Africa. This will afford the next Queen the chance to be trained and be prepared both mentally, and financially to be ready to compete at Miss World. Pageantry takes more than just winning a crown being able to collaborate with designers,

Makeup artists, nail technicians, hairstylists,s and many more things to ensure it is not just a crown but is about being ready and equipped to compete internationally. This is a Queen who needs to be able to take international stages without fear or hesitation.


However, we love the huge improvements they have brought this year. They were able to choose someone who is not only intelligent but beautiful too. By far Palesa Molefe is the most bubbly and radiant Queen who is bold and fierce. She is not afraid to stand out in a room full of influential people. She is a mover and a shaker.

We hope that as she will be handing over her crown she will hand it over to someone who matches her capability or even better. We have missed such kind of personality before and we wish to see people who have both the beauty and the brain as well as being confident. We love the Queen for leaving her own legacy. 

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