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Botswana born comedian and musician William Last KRM, is at the peak of his music career and no one is more deserving at this moment.

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The musician worked really hard on his latest music video Tinto, to make sure that he produces a stellar one. The visuals have left many in awe due to the creativity behind it and his dope music.

The music video was released two weeks ago and he has announced that it has amassed more than 500 000 views on YouTube. William took to social media to share this great achievement.

Musicians such as Vee Mampeezy gushed over his work. It is no secret that Wiliam is having the best run of his music career yet and surprisingly enough his hit song Manto was not the first he produced.

Dubbed Botswana's best comedian William has always dabbled in music, whether as a skit or releasing an actual song to showcase his artistry. The musician is still in his early 20's but he has a huge Social Media following in Botswana that entertains fans with comedy and music.

The musician recently released his long-awaited album. The album which was released a few weeks ago, is conveniently named after his precious daughter, Amara William.

"My album, and my whole life is dedicated to you, my baby girl!!! Your dad is trying...I LOVE YOU FOREVER," wrote William. The multi-talented musician has been promoting the album on social media and he is excited about it. Taking to Instagram William gave the people what they want when he dropped a star-studded tracklist of his album.

The 14th track album features collabos from Kuli Chana, ATI, and Sal Angel. The musician recently said that he worked with Kuli Chana on this album, who is his admirer and many have been waiting to hear what they have been cooking in the studio.

The musician penned a sweet birthday message to his daughter as she celebrated her birthday on his album's release date.

"On 26 November 2019, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl @amara_willian . Ever since she came to this earth my life has changed, I've grown into a mature human being, the work I put in these days is ×10 coz of her. I would love to thank GOD for letting me be your father as crazy and weird as I am. Happy birthday my little princess, may you grow and grow and if GOD doesn't mind  may you follow your Father's footsteps," he wrote

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