William Last's Album Is Done

Amara Willian is ready to drop and waiting

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The much-anticipated album from Botswana's funny man is almost over.  Fans are just counting down the days until Amara Willian drops and they can finally listen to William Last's debut album.

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The comdeian/musician recently confirmed that the album is done and that they are just waiting for the release date.
"The #Willian album is DONE!!!! Just waiting for the 26th #26thNovember #KRM"

Regarded as one of Botswana's funniest comdians, William has always dabbled into music, whether as a skit or releasing an actual song to showcase his talents. He is still in his early 20's but he has a huge Social Media following in Botswana that entertains with comedy and music, you can bet that his many followers will be inline to buy his debut album later in November.

At some point, William even requested to do a collaboration with Kuli Chana for this very album, which is is set to drop on the 26th of November. This won't be the first time that William Last gets behind the mic, the funny man once uploaded a video of himself and his daughter dancing to an Amapiano track, he captioned the post with fire and thumbs down emoji to gauge from his fans whether they like the song or not. We can bet big money that the Amapiano sog will be feature on his album as well.

William Last is known to be a versatile musician, working on different genres of music instead of focusing on just one,  hip hop songs being one of those genres. He has done a trap love song directed at/about Mpho Sebina, on the song he tells Mpho that he wants to be her Superman, stares at her pictures all day and wants to make a song with her. Mpho never responded to the track even though William Last even offered to take her out to eat some chicken wings.

The much-anticipated album is conveniently named after his precious daughter, Amara Willian, who we have all come to know and love. Amara has no success or notable achievements, prior to this except being the daughter of Botswana's most loved comedian. Her only achievement is reaching a milestone of 30 thousand followers on Facebook, not only that but reaching those 30 thousand followers within a month of opening your account. William Last KRM, was grateful and chuffed to celebrate his daughter, Amara Willian's achievement at such an infantile age.

Soon they will be celebrating the success of his first album.

Main Image Credit: William Last KRM / Twitter
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