William Last KRM Celebrates A Huge Milestone

He continues to succeed each day

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Botswana's very own comedian and social media sensation William Last KRM continues to thrive against all odds. If he is not making funny videos on across social media, he is bagging awards and broadening his fanbase. Recently William Last KRM has surpassed 270 Million views on the popular and most loved video-focused social network, TikTok .
William Last KRM claimed his fame as a comedian but continued to venture himself into greater and higher grounds. Evidently all things are working to his favor. His funny videos has gained him an enormous fanbase and he continues to capture more hearts through his social media content. You can now add musician to his resume, as he recently his music video just 4 weeks ago which has surpassed over million views on YouTube. The numbers continues to grow and to its credit, he best attributes all his success to his Tshasa Nation.
He recently did an interview with the controversial podcaster of Podcast and Chill with MacG that sparked conversation in the Twitter streets. Tweeps were divided as some felt the interview was rather uncomfortable to watch based off the questions that were put to William Last KRM. At the same breath other tweeps were all for the drama and jabs that MacG threw at William Last KRM. In the interview, MacG asked the comedian is his daughter Amara, was really his.

"there's no way that's your daughter she is so cute. Are you sure it's yours?"  said MacG

William Last KRM was not at all phased by the line of questions that the MacG posed to him. Instead William Last KRM maintained that Amara was his daughter and he was never going to do the DNA test. His composure and funny nature got him through the uncomfortable interview with the podcaster

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If you thought that the sky was the limit, well you have not met William Last KRM. He continues to surprise his fans  and masses at large by reveal his versatility and his content creation speaks for itself. His music is well received and his many talents are setting him far apart from his other peers. His other music video for Tinto got over 2 million views in a year and by the look of things, iY-Yi might just surpass Tinto in no time. His other music videos are doing well also on YouTube. 

William Last KRM is a true epitome of hard work paying off and a living testament that indeed the sky is the limit. To many more achievements to William Last KRM as he is not showing any signs of backing down but rather bagging more achievements.

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