Fans Have Profusely Applauded Willaim Last KRM

He is ready to set the record straight

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The anticipation is almost over as William Last KRM's much anticipated project is right around the corner. Recently our favorite comedian and now musician has announced that his upcoming project will be a dedication and appreciation to his late uncle.

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William Last KRM who has spread his wings and reached for much greater heights is had at work while making all his dreams a reality. The social media sensation comedian who has branched into music is making waves and has really warmed many hearts that he could have imagined. His recently music project which is set out to be the most meaningful one will be a dedication to his uncle who inspired him to always do great.

Recently he took to social media out of excitement and joy to announce the new and fans applauding him for the amazing and thoughtful project gesture he is doing. William Last KRM's EP, which stands for "Extended Play' meaning that an EP is longer than a single but shorter than an album, will be an appreciation body of work to his late uncle that has inspired him in a lot of ways.

"15th April 2022 is a date!!! One of the people who played a big role into making me who am I am today is both my late uncles 🙏 As I take this chance to say on the 15th I’ll be releasing a 6 track EP dedicated to both of them…boMalome your spirits lives on wrote William Last KRM

Social media is still abuzz while anxiously waiting on William Last KRM's EP that is set to drop tomorrow. Already the fans have speculated that this body of work will the one for the books and they know and trust William to never disappoint. Taking to social media, industry friends, fans and followers have really applauded for his EP and have expressed their excitement and joy for this project.

iamgtsquared wrote "Anxiously waiting on it brother man👏🔥"

real_mugisha_only wrote "Shhheeeesh🔥🔥"

mn_gator_ wrote "we know u wont disappoint😂..u never dooo @williamlast_krm"

tiofilus2004 wrote "🔥🔥keep it up big bro👏❤️"

papasthe_mboyane wrote "❤️❤️ You are good at what you do man and you are the best"

international_vintage_gline wrote "😂😂 why are you this person 😂"

mandisa_phuncu wrote "Tsikilinki e qhazang!!!"

William Last KRM's fans and followers do not have to wait much longer for his much anticipated EP as the release date is tomorrow. Recently we have come to know that the funny man William Last KRM is worth over R1.5 million and that is according to his net worth, which includes a number of endorsements he is currently busy with and some of his other work. If sky is the limit was a person, that would be William Last KRM.

He is a hard-worker and very much dedicated to everything that he sets his mind to doing. Recently he has ventured to music but we come to know William Last KRM as a funny man with his social media skits which has won him millions of followers.

He recently celebrated yet another milestone as he surpassed over 270 million viewers on TikTok.

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