William Last KRM Is The Next Billionaire!

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Botswana's all time favorite comedian, motswako artist and multi talented star isn't here to play. If you were wondering about who could be the most followed celebrity in the country. Here is your most followed celebrity in the country, William Last KRM.

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The young lad has raked in more than 3 million followers on Facebook. Making him one of the most followed celebrity in the country. This is one of the main reasons brands will always collaborated with and make him a brand
partner. William Last has become one of the best things in the country.

The Tinto hitmaker is famous for his hilarious personality which has paved him a way in the entertainment scene. Making him one of the most loved and followed celebrities in the country. The sensational star has been booking in the country and beyond especially South Africa and Malawi.

South Africa has even claimed him as their own following his hysterical personality and his unique physical features. He is also know for his hilarious theatrical performances. His ability to impersonate different
personalities and genders, has attracted him a huge following and made a name for him self in the process.

He recently relocated to South Africa alongside Director Mo, who is barely out there yet he is doing the most in the entertainment industry. The duo has been making collaborations with renowned brands and has also earned him self with South African television star DJ. Where they spoke about the
entertainment industry in the Africa continent.

One of the many things that he highlighted was that he could have
long relocated to somewhere outside the country but he wishes to bring the transformation back home.

Therefore, he wished to see the arts being refined through him within the African space. The motswako sensation is currently sitting at 6 million followers combined for both Facebook and Tik Tok.

He is arguable the most followed creative artist in the country. He has also raked in 3.4 million followers on Tik Tok and  he is also nearing close to a million on Instagram. The legendary star just puts on the work and his talent does the most for him.

He has managed to make a name for himself both in the
country and outside the country. William Last KRM was formerly known as Motsetserepa as well as Tshasa'. Previously, he took over the
entertainment scene as a a comedian solely.

He surprised many when he unveiled his other creative sides as an actor and a singer. When he dropped his smash banger songs, many people were never
ready for this kind of treat. His songs were now dominating airwaves and the television stations.

The song which was dubbed 'Tinto', allowed him to pour out his struggles and how he grew up generally. His love for his daughter has captured the attention of many people and has made it to one of the verses in his songs.

The daddy daughter moments has melted many people's hearts. He has been an inspiration to many people. He is now in South Africa and hopefully doors will open greatly for him and he pursues his career.
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