What's In A Name?

Celebrity real names vs stage names, which works better?

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Many times, the major reason why celebrities change their names is that they don't feel like their real names are catchy enough to attract audiences.

For example, the name “Goofy G” has a higher probability of attracting an audience than Matshidiso Kutlwano.

This could be true, mostly because the different names chosen by artists normally play a huge role in the development of an artist’s career. 

Let's face it, the social, political, and economical situation in our country would serve you best if you were neutral.

What can be more neutral than a name that is not linked to any high-class family or ethnic group? 

A stage name gives an artiste the opportunity to start their career in a neutral position with everyone else.

This article will show you a list of some artistes within our entertainment industry who have not only broken records using their nicknames but are still leading the space.

And guess what, you probably have never heard of their real names.

Charma Gal

You probably thought this was her real name, you’re wrong, Charma Gal who hails from Lerala village was born in 1984. Like you already thought, right after reading that first sentence, the name Charma Gal was not very popular during those days.

Shortly after her birth, she was named Magadeline Lesolobe.

Charma Gal is a founding member of the Culture Spears band, which was formed in 2005. She quit the group to form Eke Ntolo, which has recorded seven albums to date.

Vee Mampeezy

In his early years, that is, before fame, Vee Mampeezy was known by his birth name, which is not the one above.

Mampeezy’s real name is Odirile Vee Sento and he was born on May 17, 1983.

His fame first came after he set the stage ablaze with his 2004 hit song Taku Taku, a song that opened his path to the top of Kwaito music.

It is his performances around the world that have made him be considered one of the greatest generational talents the country has to offer.


The 34-year-old star is known for his album “African Time” which was received well for its content.

Despite the album being his third, it gained popularity because it tackled issues that revolved around black consciousness and Africanism.

The album did not just perform well locally but all around the continent, it contained influences, references and mighty collaborations, just to name a few of its qualities.

His birth name is Game Bantsi, Very few people can stake their money to answer a question that involves naming his real name.


To showcase his agility and flexibility, Han-C released his first 13-song album which housed various music genres.

It was his hit single, Sedi Laaka, that held his hands all the way to the top. The song topped the music charts within days of its release.

Whether you were looking to relax, or have a good time, Han-C’s work could never disappoint.

His love for music led him to personal excellence as he taught himself how to sing and write songs that would make people get on their feet, and dance.

Unknown to many people, the 27-year-old star was named Hanceford Magapatona at birth.

Locally, he has worked with big names in the industry, they include, Charma Gal, Amantle Brown, Vee Mampeezy just to name a few.

As Shakespeare posed in one of his writings, what’s in a name?
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